Machine Fabriek Elburg is an expert in machining castings and in supplying precise turning and milling parts, as well as assembled products. We manufacture products for trucks, motors, compressors, pumps, agriculture and oil & gas, both in small and large series. We are exporting our products globally and hold a strong position in the European market, thanks to our extensive experience.
Capacity distinguishes us from the rest. We are able to adapt many and different kinds of castings in a short amount of time. Our extended and advanced machine park and our unique FMS system allow us to be flexible when it comes to quantities. We are using the newest techniques and are able to work in a cost efficient and conscious manner. Take a look at our extensive machine park.
Our quality can be measured, as our reject rates are very low. We've received several 50 PPM Awards. To ensure this, our quality service is continuously improving our processes. From start to shipping. By performing error analyses, we can prevent mistakes. With our measuring machines, we measure quality during the manufacturing process. Finally, we test all our products before they are shipped out of our factory.



Our customers come from all over the world. They choose for Machine Fabriek Elburg, as we shoulder the burden of the entire production chain. We supply high-quality intermediary products that our clients can use immediately.

We deliver to the following segments:


  • Agriculture

  • Pumps

  • Engines

  • Oil and Gas

  • Trucks

  • Compressors





We focus on quality. That is why you'll find our quality service right in the middle of the factory. It is the key player and is involved in all our different manufacturing processes. From work preparation to shipping.

To guarantee our high-quality standards, we invest in several important tools:

Six sigma
The term Six Sigma (6σ) refers to an error risk of only 0,00034%. This was developed by quality management and reduces variation in manufacturing and business processes. The goal is to manufacture products that comply with our client's expectations.

ISO TS 16949 (automotive)
ISO / TS 16949 is the only standard approved worldwide in relation to quality management, applicable to every organisation working in the automotive & motorcycle supply chain.

Black Belt
Our quality controller achieved the Black Belt. He is able to streamline business processes and ensures that change management is running smoothly. In turn, our client benefits from reduced costs and processing times.

50 PPM awards
We work for clients who have high demands when it comes to quality performance. That is why we are so proud of our 50 PPM awards, meaning our margin of error is only 0,005%.

Measuring machines
Our measuring machines measure our products fully automated and very accurately. The data we retrieve from these measurements are analysed for static process control.

We operate according to the set standards. That is why we dispose of these preferred certificates:

• ISO-9001
• ISO TS 16949: Automotive
• ISO 14001: Environment
• Conversion qualified



Our Works


We provide the complete castings, and we take care of the purchase and the organisation with the foundries. Thanks to our global network, we are able to purchase these from countries like Germany, England, Poland, Austria, Turkey, India and Spain, depending on the desired quality. We are selling our products in the entire world.

Flexible Manufacturing Sytem (FMS)
We machine the products our clients need. And we do so just-in-time. This allows us to deliver efficiently, cost-consciously and always on time. Our unique Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is essential here. It is an automated loading system, where five separate processing centres can be controlled. This new technology allows us to clamp products faster, which leads to an explosive growth in productivity. This system also simplifies machining both small and larger series.

CNC Milling
Our CNS machine park is unique in terms of its capacity. These CNC machining centres offer the possibility to mill and turn castings. Starting from input materials such as forgings, castings , we mill 4- axis machined parts on horizontal machining centres with 2 pallets, dimension maximum 1400 x 1100 mm, 1000 mm high, and 4-axis machined parts on vertical machining centres, measuring maximum 1440 x 700 mm, 600 mm high.

CNC Turning
Combined turned and milled products are in the right place in our CNC machine park. These machines can handle all types of turning.We can turn complex contours and we dispose of two machines with driven tools to perform milling operations on the lathe.

We machine products with a 50-750 mm diameter, with a maximum rotation length of 2000 mm. Our input materials: forgings, castings and pig iron materials.

Video Flexible Manufacturing Sytem (FMS)



The parts we are currently working on in our factory will be set up at our clients the following week. We constantly operate with a minimum stock, high flexibility, 100% delivery reliability and reduced processing times. We are able to do so partly thanks to our advanced EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system. It digitally streamlines all our processes, enabling a smooth continuation.

We purchase the castings in consultation with our client, based on realistic prognoses. We look at our client's requirements and then choose a specific foundry. Thanks to our knowledge and global foundry network, we are able to advise accordingly. We take the most important criteria, such as quality, price and delivery reliability, into consideration.

Delivery Times
We are constantly striving for shorter delivery times. In order to achieve this, we continuously improve our processes so they complement each other better. Unfortunately, we have no impact on delivery times of castings.



Address: Industriestraat 10 8081 HG Elburg

Phone: +31 525 684299

Fax No.: +31 525 684195



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Industriestraat 10 8081 HG Elburg Netherlands



+31 525 684299


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